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Market Knowledge

As you begin your search for your next investment property, we want to have the goals and expectations aligned in order to source the best deal for your needs. We will leverage our specialized market knowledge, industry relationships, and proprietary tech stack to research and understand the parameters of the apartment building we will be targeting for your next investment

Financial Metrics

We will come to an understanding on the financial metrics we are focusing on to easily compare each investment opportunity to the next, including Cap Rate, Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM), Price Per Unit, Price per foot, and Required Rate of Return. At the same time we will present current options in the lending market, providing guidance for the Loan to Value (LTV) you will expect to use on any given property. Our network of lenders and financial experts can help solidify your position as a serious buyer in the market. 


With our goals and targets aligned, we will be able to move quickly when the right opportunity arises as we will continually be looking for the property that fits your goals. Utilizing our tech stack and collaborative culture, on-market and off-market opportunities will be discussed as they are uncovered, with the ability to move quickly and find a great deal.


We’ve uncovered a great opportunity and you are ready to make a strong offer! We’ll help you formulate an ideal offering price and strategy based upon in-depth market analysis. We’ll provide data-driven pricing guidance and leverage our negotiating skills to get the offer accepted and work through the contingency period with a goal of a successful closing. Since you can’t win them all, if this offer does not work out, we’ll be ready with a game plan for the next one!

Escrow Process

Working as your partner, you will have access to all of our connections to any recommended vendors, escrow and title partners, lenders, and resources to assist you as we open escrow and begin the transaction. Our network is your network! Using our team of agents, marketing staff, and transaction coordinators, we will all work towards a successful closing.


Continue to build your real estate portfolio

Making it through all of the paperwork and minutiae is finally worth it as you close on your newest investment property. Congratulations! We enjoy working with owners to build their portfolio, keeping up with their success to be able to expand their wealth and continue to grow together. We will keep you updated on the market as relevant information and sales come up and continually advise on the best time to buy again, enact a 1031 exchange, refinance, or sell based on your goals.

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